Letter from the Founder

As a proud Georgian, I want to see a fairer and more prosperous future for my country. This was something that Badri strove for throughout his life, and I wish to continue in his name. I believe that the key to greater prosperity is through the education of our youth. This is why the Gudavadze-Patarkatsishvili foundation is dedicated to improving the standard of education in Georgia.

It is also a topic that has a great deal of personal importance for me. At university, I studied foreign languages and have maintained a deep interest in linguistics and philology. The study of languages has enabled knowledge to be passed from civilisation to civilisation. But without good schools and dedicated teachers, knowledge would never find its way to the next generation, allowing them to change the world around them into something better.

Although in its infancy, the Foundation is already making great progress. A number of teachers and students have been recognised and celebrated in the National TVET Awards and National Teacher Prize and our partnership with the San Diego State University and the Millennium Challenge Account has enabled ten Georgian students to gain access to world class education facilities. But there is still more work to do.

I plan to dedicate much of my time to this cause and the work of the Foundation. I hope you will join me on this journey to support the education system, ennoble its professionals and help children realise their full potential, creating a better future for themselves and their country.

Inna Gudavadze,
Founder of the Gudavadze-Patarkatsishvili Foundation

Letter from the Founder