Nelson Mandela

which you can use to change the world

Education is the most powerful weapon


Benjamin Franklin

the Best Interest

An Investment in Knowledge Pays


Diogenes Laertius

is the education of its youth

The foundation of every state


Benjamin Disraeli

the fate of this country depends

Upon the education of the people of this country


John Kennedy

than our progress in education

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter

About Us

The quality of education directly affects the economic development of a state, increases the level of social tolerance and promotes more active participation of citizens in democracies.

One of the ways to improve the level of education and overcome existing structural problems in the education system is by developing programs to support educational initiatives. Charitable foundations, social institutions and other non-profit organisations play an important part in this activity.

In Memoriam. Badri Patarkatsishvili

Badri Patarkatsishvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1955. He went on to become one of the country’s most successful businessmen and largest philanthropists.


Letter from the Founder


As a proud Georgian, I want to see a fairer and more prosperous future for my country. This was something that Badri strove for throughout his life, and I wish to continue in his name. I believe that the key to greater prosperity is through the education of our youth. This is why the Gudavadze-Patarkatsishvili foundation is dedicated to improving the standard of education in Georgia.

Mission and Values

To inspire the development of domestic education as a system that allows each person to join and share the values of Georgian and world culture, realise their personal potential and find a worthy place in life, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the state and society.

To teach those who teach. In order to achieve the maximum effect from our activity in support of the national education system, we help develop those who influence the development of our youth.

To give knowledge to those who give knowledge. We believe that the development of the education system is based on transparency, consistency of actions and a competitive environment. We are focused on creating conditions for professional integration and raising awareness about new opportunities for all participants in the education process.

To help those who help. We aim to bring international experience in creating a system of comprehensive support for national education and create successful examples of public-private partnership. Success is the main factor motivating change.

Goals and Objectives

  • Popularisation and increase in the prestige of the teaching profession
  • Professional development of teaching staff
  • Development of the professional integration of teachers and educational communities, creating conditions for the exchange of professional experience
  • Raising awareness and developing a vocational guidance system for students and teachers
  • Introducing the best global practices in the management of educational institutions
  • Development of international cooperation in the field of education
  • Support of creative initiatives and innovations in the education system and the implementation of socially significant long-term educational projects

What We Do

Program Activities

  • School education
  • Secondary special education
  • Higher education

Program Priorities

  • Integration projects that unite the professional community and ensure its dynamic development
  • A wide scope for information projects raising the level of public awareness and contributing to the prestige of the teaching profession
  • Grant competitions and scholarship programs



Schools Leadership Project
Debates for better education
Annual National Teacher Prize
Sponsorship of Annual TVET Awards
Schools Leadership Project
Debates for better education
Annual National Teacher Prize
Sponsorship of Annual TVET Awards



Contact Us

3-rd Floor, 36 Khetagurovi Str.
0102 Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: +995 32 2484441
E-mail: info@gpf.ge